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My Friend Flicker

“Good” news, everyone: the upcoming Mega Man 9, which is a Wii-Ware exclusive, will be rediscovering the series’ roots in more ways than is actually sane.

Apparently it will be a completely 8-bit adventure. I can definitely see the charm in that. It will also have two-button control and a complete mock NES-era score. Again, excellent news.

But it seems Capcom is also going to be channeling Mega Man’s ancestors by intentionally including flicker and slowdown…two glitches that old-school gamers will be well familiar with. Yes, that’s right, if there are too many moving sprites on the screen at once, expect your brand new Mega Man game to jerk and stutter itself silly.

Flickering wasn’t a charming glitch at all…more often than not it made it impossible to react to the action and you found yourself dead between screen updates. God knows I love riding the nostalgia wagon—and, yes, I’m aware you have the option (thank fuck) to turn it off—but was this really worth going out of your way to include?

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I always laugh when I hear things like this. There is nothing more funny than having to go to silly lengths to include something in a modern game which came as standard in a retro title (even if it was a bug).

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By Karrakunga
August 08, 2008 @ 12:13 am

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It’d be better if it was an option you had to explicitly turn *on*, rather than turn off.

I dunno, though. I can see both sides here. And probably play it both different ways!

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By John Hoare
August 08, 2008 @ 12:13 am

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I love it. :D

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By Marleen
August 08, 2008 @ 8:25 am

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