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PC Gamer Top 100

The yearly BIG LIST of their 100 most loved games has been released by PC Gamer (you can see the full list in the latest issue, or check out the first half here), but what you should really check out is their excellent special podcast detailing the reasoning behind their Top 10.

Their inclusion of Oblivion rather than the far superior Morrowind aside, it’s a really excellent list, especially the pretty much faultless top 3. It’s worth a listen, even if it’s just to hear what I’m Alan Partridge graffiti Valve writer Erik Wolpaw is trying to have to included in the upcoming Left 4 Dead…

Finally, don’t forget to visit their Reader’s Top 100 site to nominate your Top 10 and then tell us what you voted for here! There really is nothing nicer than a big list to argue about.

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For your ‘information’, this is the Top 10 I went with:

10. Little Big Adventure 2
9. Sam and Max Hit the Road
8. Darwinia
7. Day of the Tentacle
6. The Secret of Monkey Island
5. Portal
4. Half-Life 2
3. Team Fortress 2
2. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
1. Deus Ex

It lacks scope a little (it’s dominated by Valve and Lucas Arts a little) but that’s my honest list.

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By Jonathan Capps
August 01, 2008 @ 3:35 pm

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