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ITV2 Invent Semi-Naked Drinking Game

Series two of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is being trailed right now, and with Billie Piper currently expecting her first offspring, fans of The X-Files's Gillian Anderson or Friends's Lisa Kudrow will instantly recognise the hide-the-belly 'fun' the production have been having.

So we can expect the usual baggy clothing and neck-up photography that is always so convincing – seriously, is anyone fooled by this technique any longer? – but Secret Diary being the 'shoes for her, nudity for him' type of telly that it is, we're once again promised a basic level of wriggly flesh...

...which means there's a fantastic game of Spot the Body Double up for grabs. Hurrah!

Take a look at the NSFW teaser trailer after the break:

Despite the lack of sound on the YouTube clip, you get the idea. Take a drink every time you see a body part that ain't Billie's and you'll be plastered before the commercial break.

The ITV site has more footage to show that this ain't a fluke – it's all inconsistent bust sizes and roomy sweaters. Whether this makes the show more or less appealing is between you and your various gods.

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