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Hilarious Ofcom Broadcast Bulletins Part #37648382

The charge? (Amongst many.)

During the programme Health is Wealth, a homeopathic practitioner, Dr Professor Mohammed Jamil Jilu (“Dr Jamil”), was allowed to make unsubstantiated and potentially dangerous claims regarding the ability of his homeopathic treatments to cure cancer and other serious illnesses, such as diabetes and hepatitis. This could have resulted in viewers with treatable serious medical problems choosing to dispense with orthodox medical treatment in favour of Dr Jamil’s treatments. This risked serious harm to viewers (breach of Rule 2.1)

The defence? (PDF) (Again, amongst many - although it’s not so much a defence, and more like embarrassed pleading.)

DM Digital Ltd also asked the Committee to consider the Cancer Act 1939. The Licensee suggested that when considering a sanction the Committee should have regard to the fact that the maximum fine for committing a criminal offence under section 4 of that Act (advertising a treatment for cancer) is £1,000.

Amazingly, it didn’t work - and they got a fine of £15,000. I can’t imagine why…

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