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Join the MEN in Mining / 31.03.09

Thanks to Beelzebub on NOTBBC for bringing attention to this fabulous collection of adverts from 1970, which starts with a recruitment campaign for miners, an industry which was to be destroyed a mere 10 or so years later, and claims that off-peak InterCity travel saves "four bob in the pound". I don't know what that means, but it sounds good. Also, is it me, or does the mining job description 'An Underground Man' sound rather like the Butterfield sketches in the Peter Serafinowicz show?

Quite clearly the best advert ever made / 20.08.08

That moment 20 seconds in makes me... well, hard, frankly.

I think you're being a little bit naive, Ray / 02.10.07

Whilst browsing TEH YOUTUBES the other day, I noticed an advert:

Excellent Adverts Part #2726722 / 21.11.06

Beautiful animation, there.

Linking to YouTube instead of bothering to write proper articles / 16.07.06

This and this are currently my favourite adverts of all time.

Disclaimer: I spend far more of my time emulating the SNES than I do the Genesis/Megadrive.