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the venture bros

Venture Bros. season 3 DVD news / whining / 09.12.08

It looks like March 24 (in honor, obviously, of our favorite dead henchman) is the date to look forward to, according to IGN…The Venture Bros. season 3 will be making its DVD debut in a beautiful Atari-themed package (check it out after the job). It will also be released on Blu-Ray…which I have nothing against. Except that the Blu-Ray version will COME WITH A COMPLETE AUDIO SOUNDTRACK OF THE THIRD SEASON.

Which means I now HAVE to buy a Blu-Ray player. Like…now. So can anyone point me toward a decently-priced multi-region model?

The Venture Bros. season three news... / 30.03.07

It had previously been a pretty long dry spell on Jackson Publick's livejournal, which meant I wasn't checking it frequently. And jeez oh man did I miss a great update on March 8...

There's all sorts of good news in there, not the least of which is this:

[...] Season 3 has been greenlit, we are currently trying to write it, and production will begin (in World Leaders Entertainment's new Chelsea headquarters, which promise to be comparatively plush) on April 9th. [...] Season 4 has technically been greenlit as well [...] the network basically committed to it, but we won't be treating seasons 3 & 4 as one big, 26 episode order because we just don't swing that way.

Which means at least two more seasons of The Venture Bros. Which is, especially after the obvious character-development bravery of season two, fantastic news, because there is absolutely every indication that, by the end of its run, The Venture Bros. will have reached true masterpiecehood. I'll get into it more in my inevitable season two DVD review, but it's enough to say that The Venture Bros. is going League of Gentlemen, and not Little Brittain.

There's a bit more, too...indulge me please...I know you aren't all fans, but fucking should be...

Watch season one of The Venture Bros. online / 02.09.06

All 13 episodes, complete, uncut, free and legal. It's online at The Adult Swim Fix but I don't know for how long. A week or so? I've never used the Fix before so someone can feel free to correct me. Point is The Venture Bros. is a killer show, so take advantage while it's free and on demand.