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2006 Hugo Award Winners

Those of you who know what the Hugos are know that they're a pretty big deal with those in the know about the SF community. As such, at the 2006 WorldCon (LACON IV) in Los Angeles, the following fictional works were voted to be honored with a Hugo Award:

Best Novel: Spin, Robert Charles Wilson (Tor)
Best Novella: "Inside Job", Connie Willis (Asimov's Jan 2005)
Best Novelette: "Two Hearts", Peter S. Beagle (F&SF Oct/Nov 2005)
Best Short Story: "Tk'tk'tk", David D. Levine (Asimov's Mar 2005)
Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form: Serenity (Universal Pictures/Mutant Enemy, Inc.; Written & Directed by Joss Whedon)
Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form: Doctor Who: "The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances" (BBC Wales/BBC1; Directed by James Hawes; Written by Steven Moffat)

There are several other winners, but these are the fiction categories. The rest can be seen here.

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I clicked the link but I still can't find this year's winner in the "Best Story by Austin Ross" category. What am I doing wrong?

By Philip J Reed, VSc
August 27, 2006 @ 9:40 pm

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One day, day.

Anyway, just in case anyone is as sad as me and actually enjoys these type of statistics: This was the first Hugo win for Robert Charles Wilson, Peter S. Beagle *and* David D. Levine. It was Connie Willis's ninth (!) Hugo win, and she now holds the record for most Hugo Awards for a single author. The previous record holder was Harlan Ellison, with eight and a half. (One collaborative win, hence the half.)

By Austin Ross
August 28, 2006 @ 3:32 am

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It's odd, but at 119 minutes, the "Long Form" winner isn't that much longer than the 85-odd minutes of TEC/TDD. After all, 85 mins is longer than some movies...

By Somebody
August 28, 2006 @ 11:58 pm

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Video footage of when Dr Who won the Hugo:

By Austin Ross
September 01, 2006 @ 3:20 am

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