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Look, up in the sky...

They had to do the "bird/plane" gag, didn't they?

Seriously, though, Superman Returns - full-length trailer in Quicktime and WMV - really is looking quite terrific. With a proven superhero movie director in Singer, the most wonderful piece of casting in Spacey-as-Luthor, a reverence and respect for the original films (and Superman is arguably the only superhero franchise that has a genuine, lasting legacy in movies, to the extent that the John Williams theme is utterly inspiring even if you've never picked up a comic before), and Christopher Reeve's clone cast as the big guy himself, it's hard to see how this one can go wrong. This trailer only adds to that feeling. Fantastic.

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The bird/plane gag always resides in my memory with one from an Australian play called "Man of Steel" that a few schools were using in the early nineties. It was a comedy, and here's how you do a rude joke when children might be watching, ladies and gentlemen. "Kroptonite" was the name of what could kill the Man of Steel (although this splendid gag will work just as well with Kryptonite):

Evil woman: [something about "Kraptonite"]
Henchman: KROPtonite.
Evil woman: That's what I said: Kraptonite. [To audience:] And if you think it's Krop tonight, you should have seen last night.

Ah, brilliant.

By James
May 03, 2006 @ 11:29 am

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It is LOOKING good, but I read that the script isn't too promising. Like that will stop me or anyone else seeing it. It's got a MASSIVE budget due to all the CG work and it looks like it's money well spent. And yes, Spacey is going to own this.

By performingmonkey
May 04, 2006 @ 12:10 am

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Spacey looks brilliant, doesn't he?

By Cappsy
May 04, 2006 @ 11:52 am

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