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Venom! Venom! VENOM!

I remember back when the costume for the original Spider-Man movie was unveiled. Amid the excitement at how freakin' awesome it looked, there was no small level of surprise that they'd managed to keep the thing so damned faithful to the comics, when many of us feared that we'd get some horrible, Hollywood-ised monstrosity (the fact that that came later, in the shape of the Green Goblin, was beside the point...).

Well, assuming that the following image is genuine, then it's safe to say that they've bloody well done it again. If the Venom in Spider-Man 3 genuinely looks like this image (which appears to be concept art for either the film itself or perhaps a videogame), then the level of fidelity to the comic is downright stunning. Plus he looks cool as hell...


(click for larger version)

Of course, we may well find out on Thursday, when the next trailer for the film is scheduled to hit the internet. Already, though, after the first trailer and yet more positive casting, this one's looking like a dead cert to break the dreaded "third in the series" trend of superhero movie franchises...

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Apparently, it's from the game-of-the-movie.

Here's a bigger Venom:

And the equivalent Harry & Sandman pics:

By Somebody
November 08, 2006 @ 9:03 pm

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