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Moving Right Along...

Ohhhh yes. A rundown (with commentary) of The Muppet Movie's differences from early script to finished product.

Damn good read both for fans and for those interested in the way these things translate from script to screen.

Personally, I'm most impressed with the songwork Paul Williams did considering the very vague instructions offered him by the script. The Rainbow Connection came from the suggestion of "a lovely little tune about how content [Kermit] is with his lot in life." I Hope That Something Better Comes Along was just "a sad/funny little duet based on the old 'can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em' theme, designed to allow for some good harmony howling from Rowlf."

Oh, and the instructions for what turned out to be Moving Right Along are atrocious. "The song is a rollicking traveling song which we will reprise from time to time throughout the film. Its primary lyric -- the title -- will not only denote the physical movement of the journey but will also be used in the show business sense of 'moving right along, folks,' when a joke dies."

What a nightmare it must be to be given limitations when writing a song, especially when those limitations are both numerous and vague. I don't think anyone ever complained about Williams' work for The Muppet Movie, but after reading this I think he not only deserved the Oscar, but the fucking Nobel Peace Prize.

Oh there's a lot more to the comparison above...don't think it's all music/movie/Muppet geekery like I'm making it sound. I just know whats I likes.

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