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'Somos Las Bolas' on sale...Finally

Reviewed earlier this year by the lovely NTSer Tanya Jones, "Somos Las Bolas" is the first short film by me, Andrew Edmark.

From the DVD cover:

When Andy (Brandt Curtis) gets a ping-pong table in his basement, he soon discovers his great skill for not losing. Meanwhile, a teenage boy (James Bleecker Jr.) must confront his romantic desires and deal with his inner struggle for identity. Based on a short story by Philip J. Reed, VSc, this stunning debut by director Andrew Edmark shows just how far some will go to win, and how easy it is for others to lose it all. Also starring Abby Van Gerpen, Jake Pilcher & Frances Martel.


"Somos Las Bolas"
was filmed in Iowa on a zero budget and with actors fresh out of high school. It has not been accepted to any film festivals, yet, but has received many good reviews via pats on the shoulder and slight nods of approval.

So buy one, two, or seventy copies today! Give them out as birthday presents, Christmas presents, Chanukah presents, Kwanza presents... Heck, give them out for Father's Day, Mother's Day (belated), Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, WHATEVER DAY.

Get your copy of the "Somos Las Bolas" DVD now!

Help support independent film-making and even help fund the next Snapshot Studios film. Do the right thing: buy Somos Las Bolas on DVD now.

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May 17, 2007 @ 1:19 pm

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