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PS3 Japan Launch

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So you were telling the truth when you said you'd steal it and post it elsewhere :)

By Jeffrey Lee
November 12, 2006 @ 4:04 am

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That account is sad, and a little bit scary. Folks, this is what happens when you launch a highly anticipated games console with just 80,000 units allocated to an entire region. I'd like to say that this is shocking, but it's really not; Sony have been doing their very best to whip up a frenzy for their system launch since E3, and they must have known full-well that scenes like this were going to occur. With the weird false economy that've generated, you can hardly blame people for making an opportunistic buck. Still, it strikes me that very few people are buying the console to actually play on it.

The funning thing is, I've yet to see any killer apps; I initially thought Resistance: Fall of Man was going to fit the bill, but it actually seems somewhat uninspired, and nowhere near as impressive as something like Gears of War.

Come on Sony, you can do better than this.

By Josh
November 12, 2006 @ 4:11 am

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Unfortunately, these types of scenes are to be expected. And with Sony releasing such an ugly console with a mediocre-at-best launch lineup, you've gotta ask yourself whether things could be worse.

By Sycorax
November 12, 2006 @ 6:19 am

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Assuming Sony manage to stay in business, can we look forward to the PlayStation Event Horizion in about 5 years?

By Jake Monkeyson
November 12, 2006 @ 2:23 pm

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Come on Sony, you can do better than this.

Can they? Can they really? All I've seen from Sony in recent years is evidence of a company more concerned about creating "PSwhatever sells out on launch day, none to be found anywhere" headlines than actually delivering a good product to as many people as possible.

I was working in Gamestation during the whole PS2 slimline Christmas fiasco, and this seems like a repeat of that (and the PSP issue) multiplied by tenfold or more. They haven't learned, and they won't learn. They've got themselves an unassailable position in the market based on the success of the PS1 and PS2, and unlike Microsoft and Nintendo, they no longer seem interested in actually doing anything creative, exciting or worthwhile.

Kids, if you stop buying Sony consoles, they'll stop pulling shit like this. It's not rocket science.

By Seb
November 12, 2006 @ 9:39 pm

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Honestly, I'm not interested in the PS3 apart from one thing.

Final Fantasy XIII.

When that's released. I'll have to get it. Not on launch, not paying a premium... but at some point, I'll have to own it if I want to play that game.

When it comes to game franchises, Sony have got me over a barrel...

By John Hoare
November 13, 2006 @ 2:38 am

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There are a grand total of three PS3-exclusive games I'm interested in: Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm. (When Assassin's Creed was said to be PS3-only, that was one too.)

By Nick R
November 13, 2006 @ 9:44 am

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