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Live Vasectomies

Did anyone watch This Morning, erm, this morning? Phillip Schofield hosted a live vasectomy operation at a London hospital, with Fern Britton and some experts giving analysis from the studio. It was hilarious, if a little nauseating for that time in the morning.

The best thing about it, other than the surreal nature of having Gordon The Gopher's sidekick on-screen next to a man's bollocks, was the eccentric doctor performing the operation. "I've just got to get in there and find 'the family jewels', as I like to call them" and "this is the local anaesthetic, or 'jungle juice' as I like to call it. I'll just stick some more 'jungle juice' on there".

The operation was apparantly a success, although the poor chap, who was called John Somethingorother, seemed to be in a lot of pain during the procedure, despite all the jungle juice. Bizarrely, the segment concluded with a hotel chain phoning in to offer John and his partner a free weekend stay in one of their hotels, "to get up to whatever you want to". Crikey.

Next week: Phillip goes to a local piercing and tattoo parlour, to see a man getting a Prince Albert.

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