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BE ON TV! (sort of)

Next Friday, the 2nd December, is the live shoot of Monkey Tennis, a music/entertainment programme that I'm producing. We need an audience. Please come along! It's at Trent Park, Enfield, which is next to Oakwood tube station. The show's at 4pm, so turn up no later than three. The show will be beamed live to the Middlesex Student Union, and it'll be taped for anyone who wants a copy.

The headline act is The Renegade Playboys, who will play their future hits Bad Gurlz and 24 Hour Bitch. Also featurring is the internet's top accordion player Marty White, who will be giving an interview and playing one of his excellent cover versions.

The show will also feature THE AIR FACTOR - like The X Factor, but with air guitars! If you fancy showing off your skills, for the chance of performing live on the show (if you want to), come along to Trent Park on Tuesday, 29th November. If you're interested in either the air guitar auditions or being in the audience for the main show, e-mail me (ianiansymes at the proverbial, for more details.

Come on, The Internet, I'm counting on you!

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