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Dalek Bread?!?


Anyway, apparently (well, I say "apparently", but it is a BBC press release; the wires, however, don't seem to have got hold of it yet) Peter Kay is going to be in Doctor Who. Hm.

(UPDATE : BBC News and Official Doctor Who site now carrying the story. It's as official as you can get, folks.)

Here's the thing. I love That Peter Kay Thing. I love Phoenix Nights. And I love the first two standup tapes, too. Were it the Peter Kay of Phoenix Nights being cast, I'd be well chuffed. As it is, though... Kay seems to have metamorphosed into something far more terrifying these days. "Amarillo" was a part of it, of course, as was the catastrophe that was Max and Paddy. He's become, far too early in his career, an all-round "cuddly entertainer" type, and I do wonder if casting someone like him is really the way that New Who ought to be going.

Then again, I wasn't happy with the casting of Billie Piper until Rose first aired, either. If Russell T Davies genuinely believes he's the man for the job, and if it turns out that he really can turn in a great, serious performance (since he's supposedly playing a "serious" role, not a comic one), then fair enough. It just seems a bit... well, I hesitate to use the word, but - "stunt casting"... to me. I've no objection to special guest stars when they're of the quality of Simon Callow, Richard Wilson or Tony Head. But Kay is first and foremost a comedian, not an actor. Hmmm.

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Funny how all the stuff you list (well the vast majority) was form when he has Dave Spikey backing him up with great writing. I hoping like hell that he can be decent when he's got a good script behind him. Who knows, it could be the first time ever I don't want to cave the stupid cunt's face in. But we'll see.

I just hope he got the part by impressing people at the audition and not, as you quite rightly pointed out, just cast as a publicity stunt.

By Cappsy
March 08, 2006 @ 12:14 pm

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Actually I don't think Kay is a comedian first and foremost. Ok, well perhaps he is now, but when he started out in 'That Peter Kay Thing' and 'Phoenix Nights' there was no doubt in my mind that he was possessed of some very strong acting skills. I'm hoping, like you, that he'll be using this opportunity to prove to people (and himself) that he isn't just a 'cuddly entertainer' type and will move away from that particular (low) point in his career so far.

But, if not, well, you can always console yourself with the knowledge that the whole 'cuddly entertainer' thing worked so well before, when they employed Bonnie Langford and Kenn Dodd. Clearly a highlight in the history of Dr Who. Licquorice Allsort anyone?

By Pook
March 08, 2006 @ 4:37 pm

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disagree i found max and paddy hillarious! but maybe im a minority. On the subject of Dr Who apparently he'll be landing in albert square! how cheap are the BBC? Discuss.

By Jimi
March 08, 2006 @ 8:24 pm

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On the subject of Dr Who apparently he'll be landing in albert square! how cheap are the BBC? Discuss.

Noel Clarke has rubbished this rumour, I think.

By Cappsy
March 08, 2006 @ 9:50 pm

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That Peter Kay Thing is still the best thing that he's done. Because Peter (and Dave and Neil) is so well-observant the fake-doco style worked so perfectly for him. He pulled in great acting turns in each episode, you cannot say he isn't an actor. Because it's been so long since Phoenix Nights, people just see the stand-up side of him, and the side of him that makes demented appearances on chat shows or one-offs in the wheelchair as Brian Potter, not to mention Amarillo. He is much better than this. Max and Paddy was sub-par because he wrote it with Paddy and not Neil and Dave, also Max and Paddy carrying a whole show turned out to be a bit of a crap idea. The series could have done with a big kick up the arse, but it wasn't terrible.

I'm looking forward to what Peter does next. It's time he got more serious again, and maybe an acting role here and there could do it for him. He's been in a few films, the most recent being a voice in Curse of the Were-Rabbit (who would have thought a stop-motion clay film about rabbits and vegetables could actually be entertaining?). It's not just when he split with Neil and Dave that he got worse, it's the fact that suddenly he was a huge name and was getting millions from his stand-up tour. If I had millions I probably wouldn't be able to concentrating on writing a decent series, which is probably why Road to Nowhere felt like a big piss about. Peace.

By performingmonkey
March 09, 2006 @ 5:47 am

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While I'd agree that he is 'first and foremost a comedian', he is also a very good actor. I got my mum 'Driven to Distraction' for christmas, and he was great in that. That Peter kay thing was an excellent showcase not only for his sublime comedy, but also we see the occasional glimpse of really good acting. I think he'll be fine in Who.

By si
March 09, 2006 @ 3:37 pm

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