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Right, you all know how I bitch about TV programmes being edited by yer UK Golds and the like. But I came across an example yesterday which should make even the most carefree of souls CHOKE ON THEIR TV LISTINGS MAGAZINE AND DIE.

Challenge (who have got beautiful idents at the moment, BTW) are currently repeating the John Humphrys version of Mastermind. And as I was sitting there watching it, the screen suddenly jumped, and so did the score.

Odd, I thought. Maybe a problem with the tape, or something. Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Never mind.

So, it gets to the end of the round... and suddenly, the screen blurs, and the next contestant appears. It was at this point alam bells started ringing - have they been editing this? So, I continue watching... and sure enough, a big chunk is taken out of the next contestant's round - the screen jumps, and the score jumps from 7 to 11.

So, Challenge have taken a half-hour BBC show, and to make sure they can fit in adverts, instead of giving it a 40 minute slot... have started hacking out bits of the quiz. So, it's *really* ugly and off-putting to watch - and you don't get a true reflection of the game. Who wants to watch a quiz show where the score jumps in the middle because they've hacked stuff out? Especially in a game like Mastermind, where the score is everything?

What kind of fucking idiots do this to a programme?

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