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Lost Season 5 Trailers / 06.11.08

Undoubtedly, Lost’s new season structure (16ish episodes a year, running from February to March for its final three seasons) has been great for the show. What little pointless filler we had before (and it WAS only a small amount) has been stripped out and then some, and as a result season 4 was a lean, satisfying beast. So, season 5 is coming up in a few months, I’m getting foamy and after the jump we have two new trailers (via Dark UFO, a site you really don’t want to visit unless you like massive spoiler sandwiches.)

Comic-Con 2008 Lost panel = instaboner / 28.07.08

I love Comic-Con. It’s the first point in the year where the notoriously secretive Lost show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse break their ‘radio silence’ about the up-coming new season. Thankfully, this year is no different.

Lost Lost / 19.10.06

Sky One to screen Lost Season 3 in the UK. That's sure to be good for the fans. OK, so the hardcore and the able will be downloading it from the US (my housemate is currently watching episode three), but a lot of analogue/Freeview users are going to be pretty pissed off.