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Weird BBC Policy / 08.03.08

Right, firstly, I can't actually link directly to this, because in the BBC website's infinite wisdom, it changes the Feedback page depending on the site based on the referer - so if I directly link to it, it'll go to the normal Feedback page rather than the Doctor Who one. Absolutely abysmal website design.

So, you'll have to go here, and then then click on FAQs at the bottom.

Hippies Commentaries! / 07.02.08

So, Hippies, one of my favourite underrated sitcoms, is actually getting a release! This is excellent news, obviously. Unfortunately, most of this didn't happen - but seeing as I was just expecting a vanilla set, I was pleased to read the following:

Oh, GEORGE! / 02.01.08

I love reviews of things that give away more about the reviewer than the thing they're reviewing. Such is the case with this DVD review of Series 1 of George and Mildred.

Teach your children well... / 05.10.07

As all of you are no doubt aware, I've been passively seeking a DVD copy of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street for the past few years. I knew it existed, but I never had any luck locating one. Until now. Until just a few days ago.

Live from New York, it's 1975! / 14.10.06

This is good news, and--oddly--something I was just asking a coworker about this past week. Why not release the first season of Saturday Night Live on DVD?

Tom Goes to the Mayor DVD this spring! / 12.09.06

I got an email through the Tim and Eric mailing list that made public a few very tantalizing details about an upcoming DVD collection of Tom Goes to the Mayor...

Dark Season and Century Falls... / 16.05.06

...are finally to get a DVD release!

Now, how about Moondial, Earthfasts, The Gift, etc? There's surely a goldmine of top quality CBBC drama waiting to be exploited, if only someone would.

To: Fox's DVD department / 06.03.06

Re: The force feeding of your 'DOWNLOADING MOVIES IS LIKE STEALING A CAR' video at the start of all your recent releases.

Don't, you bunch of cunts. It is rubbish, invasive and factually incorrect.

While you're at it, you can remove the pointless and unskipable copyright notices shown in every language known to man, too. Also, some people might be watching your show on DVD for the first time, so don't have menu images which spoiler the episodes on the disk (e.g. Nina coming back in 24).

Sort yourself out, you rubbish people.

Sorry Red Dwarf fans... / 17.10.05

... but you may be about to lose the title of "Best DVD menus" :

Fly around the TARDIS? Too right.

Look Around You. Erm, Lou. / 09.10.05

According to Robert Popper on the Yahoo! lookaroundyou group, the Series 2 DVD is due out mid-January. Excellent. No word on extras as yet, but I'm really hoping for some behind-the-scenes stuff, as that was one thing that was sorely missing on the Series 1 DVD.

As for a Series 3: